Smart crm

Easy Software Solution. meticulously designed CRM software ensures smooth operations for sales and marketing purposes. Sage CRM for manufacturing industry has a proven track record to drive sales and customer service.

Our CRM software for manufacturing industry works great when it comes to automating the necessary processes to increase efficiency and thereby profits. Thus, it becomes easy for you to tackle daily challenges like changes in schedule, customer satisfaction, sales forecasting, etc.

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What makes Dignity CRM Right for you?

Customer Data Management

We keep the track of customer information with rapid and efficent access to customer data.

Track lead/Employee

We keep the lead generation and information on real time. we have best application to keep track of movment and work efficency of each and every employee on a real time monitoring system

Customer Interaction

Dignity CRM is best application which is responsible for managing between an organisation and it's customer in the form of Prementive Mantinance Service, Lead Generate, BreakDown and many more services.

Vendor/Partner Relationship

We provide web based capablities that help vendor to mange partner relationship

Chat Integration

We offer increased conversions with live chat plugin.

Automate Sales/Purchase Order Generation

Automate Sale/Purchae order and increase productivity Automatic PO and sales order generate makes them quick to prepare and easy to maintain

Asset and Resource Management

We keep track of your huge investment in infrastructure

Marketing Management

Dignity CRM organises marketing activity,sets market goal , track performance , enhances product planningmanages supply chain and alot more

Email and SMS Integration

Our CRM sends bulk emails and sms.Our CRM gives a simple way for sending standard Emails and SMS by logging in to their CRM account.

Stock Management and Expiry Alert

We offer complete solution of effective expiry management, short expiry notification feature and improve your inventory management with great and efficent approach.


CRM Software has lots of features perfect to business improvement. It enables every department to access all data from one access location.
  • Consolidate data into one access location
  • Collect complete customer information
  • Track all interactions through email, phone, chats & support tickets
  • Helps to build standardized sale process
  • Helpful to Sell more and faster
  • Constantly improve business sale
  • Accurately predict business sales
  • Stay focused on every customer


CRM is very powerful tool to measure and grow for a business. It is a cohesive system enables every department to access customer details parallel.
  • Better customer information management
  • Measure sales and grow your business
  • Accurate knowledge across the whole team
  • Customized report & performance tracking
  • Enhanced all customer's communication
  • Improve customer service and efficiency
  • Perfect to customer journey mapping
  • Optimize over all team performance